Causes List

Education for Childreen

Education is life. The greatest gift you can give to a human being is education, the difference between a human and an animal is the ability to be educated. However, there are many people who do not have access to education; we have a program that permits us to take education to those without the opportunity to have access to education, those in the hard to get areas and suburbs. The percentage of out of school children in a country shows what proportion of children are not currently participating in the education system and who are, therefore, missing out on the benefits of school. In Cameroon, 17% of children of official primary school ages are out of school.

Skill development

There are many single mothers and parents who are from very low income communities and need to develop their skills or gain new skills that will help them meet up with the new markets and hence will boost the income of their families leading to better life. Most children fail in school because of the stress they go through by themselves to get feeding and materials for their education and life. Through this program, many families can step up their income as parents have learnt new skills and have learnt new trade and this is really boosting the outcome of their children.

Water and sanitation

Water is good but clean and portable water is best. In our community we work, there’s need of portable water. The children and people of this community suffer much to be able to get portable water. We all leave and enjoy good portable water but we could do something to support those in need. The water supply and sanitation sector in Cameroon is lagging behind that of many of its economic peer-group countries. The vast majority of those without sanitation are poorer people living in rural areas. Yet, progress on sanitation has often increased inequality by primarily benefitting wealthier people. Normally, no one should lack safe water and a hygienic toilet.

Sponsor Child

The children are the future of tomorrow and we all have the right to support them. Our child sponsor project looks for people who can help sponsor some kids in orphanages and underprivileged people around the nation. We by ourselves can’t do anything to the situation. Your help all is a very important step to make the kids get what they need. By sponsoring a child, you ensure a future for a less privileged and you contribute to a better future for the world.

Health Of Peoples

Health is wealth. This mother is going through a disease which needs care but due to lack of finances and financial care, her case is deteriorating every day, she suffers from GOITHER and requires surgery. Those who suffer from goiter are vulnerable to die from suffocation because of the fact that they can sleep and be suffocated to death, said the medical practitioner.